Workshops for children and teens tailored to student constituency, curriculum and programming needs, budgetary and time parameters. Workshops may culminate in written anthologies, artwork incorporating text, readings, performances, and recordings. Examples of workshops include:
  • Poetry Autobiographies 
  • Emotional Literacy: Poetic Bridges to Self-Awareness and Empathy
  • The Poetry of Math and Science
  • Martin Luther King Day, Veteran's Day, and other theme Related Poetry
  • Multi-grade Level Workshops
  • The Nature of Poetry: Poetry and the Environment
  • Vision and Voice: Visual Art and the Written Word
  • Integrating Poetry Across the Curriculum
  • Jumpstarting Poetic Exploration
  • Beyond the Basics  

Professional development workshops and consultation for teachers, counselors and leaders in any of the above areas, as well as in responding to student work and showcasing student work in the school and beyond.

Workshops for adults who are writers and aspiring writers of all levels, as well as for non-writers wanting to enhance self-knowledge and creativity. Workshops are offered through libraries, houses of worship, and other community organizations, as well as privately for individuals and groups. Examples of workshops which have been offered for adults:
  • The Creative Impulse: Gathering the Sparks, Fanning the Flames
  • Writing Toward Emotional Healing and Growth
  • Plein Air Poetry - an outdoor generative workshop
  • Poetry as Spiritual Expression
  • Fresh Takes on Mother
  • The Poem as a Snapshot
  • Aubades: Poems to Start the Day

Who can benefit from Poetic License programs?
  • adults, including those with disabilities
  • public, parochial and home schooled students in grades K-12
  • children and teens in community leadership programs
  • students in religious education
  • participants in enrichment or after school programming
  • summer campers
  • families
  • and the teachers & leaders who work with them!