About the Director

I'm a widely published writer of poems, articles, and essays.

I've worked with thousands of people as a teacher of creative writing in schools, libraries, book stores, private homes, writing conferences, camps, houses of worship, and other community settings.

I'm the founding editor of Poetic License Press publishing writing that is authentic, accessible, and engaging.

As a collaborator, I work with others engaged in literary, artistic, and literacy endeavors.

I'm also a book group facilitator

I've served as jurorjudgehost, and moderator for poetry contests, readings, and panels.

I write, teach, publish, collaborate, facilitate, conspire, inspire, encourage, support, nurture and cajole all in the service of creative engagement with the written word with poetic license: the leeway to bend, stretch, and occasionally suspend the rules. If poetry had a motto it would be:  Fully human!  Fully alive!  That's my motto, too!

Arlyn Miller
Poetic License, Inc.