What is bibliotherapy? 

An evolving field, bibliotherapy is based on the idea that literature has the power to heal and motivate.  I know this to be true, based on a lifetime of experience.

Who can benefit from bibliotherapy? 

Anyone open to literature can enjoy bibliotherapy.  You may purchase a session for yourself or for someone else as a birthday, retirement, graduation, or other gift.

How does bibliotherapy through Poetic License, Inc. work?

Contact me to set a date and time to meet.

We’ll meet for about 45 minutes, either in person, by phone, or Skype.

When we meet, we’ll talk about your reading preferences, if any, and about what you are looking for help with. Motivation to make a change? Healing after loss or disappointment?  Or perhaps you simply want to expand the scope of your reading life.

I’ll send you an optional questionnaire to fill out and return prior to our meeting.  The questionnaire helps us make the best use of our bibliotherapy session.

Within a week or two of our session, I’ll contact you with specially selected and tailored reading recommendations. Most of the reading suggested will be poetry; some may be fiction or non-fiction.

As a writer, educator, and editor, I’m an ambassador of the written word, especially poetry.  I am not a psychotherapist and bibliotherapy through Poetic License, Inc. is not intended as a substitute for psychotherapy or other forms of therapeutic help.

What is the fee for bibliotherapy?

$100 for a single-session, as described above.  Fee to be negotiated for multiple sessions, if desired.  Payment must be received prior to session.