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A Light Breakfast or A Midnight Snack

$12 per copy

A Light Breakfast: Poems to Start Your Day
Experts have recommended reading a poem every morning as part of a healthy breakfast to lower the risk of heart disease, increase mental functioning and libido, and decrease the incidence of road rage. From the far corners of the globe, 27 poets have joined forces to help you do just that - get your day off to a promising start with a nutritious poem! 

A Midnight Snack: Poems for Late Night Reading
Trouble sleeping?  Take a poem to bed! It won’t hog the blanket or start snoring before you’ve nodded off.  In fact, poems will stay up with you as late as you like.  And if you wake up in the middle of the night unable to fall back asleep, corral a poem to keep you company - it will be happy to oblige.  From the parabolic parameter of the earth, these 27 tireless poets have gathered together to get you through the night!

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